Free termite warranty coverage!

Jan 30




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Do All Home Inspection Companies look for Termites?

Oct 01

David Swartz of Advantage Inspection talks about termites and how common they are in Arizona.

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Can a Home fail a Home Inspection in Phoenix Arizona?

Sep 26

We talk a lot about home inspection, how to pass and what to look for. But can a home even fail a home inspection in Phoenix, AZ?

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Home Safety Tips from an ASHI Inspector

Sep 13

SHI provides home owners with several tips on obvious and not-so-obvious areas in your home that can create safety hazards, including electrical connections, water heaters and dryer vents. When buying, selling or remodeling a home, an ASHI Certified Inspector can provide a thorough inspection of your home.

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Dos and Donts When Buying a Home

Aug 20

Here are some common mistakes and myths about buying a home.

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